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The Bandipur National Park of Karnataka is a beautiful forest reserve of southern India. This was established with the aim of conserving the nature and its resource. In 1930, the present Bandipur National Park was Maharaja Wodiyar’s hunting land which was converted into Venugopal Wildlife Park. Later in the year 1941, the park was expanded to the nearby Nagarahole National Park and named as the Bandipur National Park India.

MC Resorts

Most Luxurious & Captivating Bandipur Resorts To Stopover

Want to explore the exotic National Park Bandipur, nestled in the outskirt of Karnataka State?

Do you want to indulge in the enticing locations and experience the thrill of adventure in Bandipur?

If so, come and make your stay at one of the Best Resorts in Bandipur – MC Resorts and experience the lavishing stay at the charming place while enjoying the right medium to rebuild your connectivity with the Mother Nature!

At MC Resorts, we provide you chances to get captivated by the exotic aura of the wildlife, forests and the landscape through jungle safari, wildlife safari, camping, and several other thrilling activities.

The primary reasons why MC Resorts in the best among all Bandipur Resorts are:

  • We are one of the breathtaking luxury resorts in Bandipur; where you can enjoy the classic taste and elegance, in a more contemporary manner!
  • Our resort is best suited for a special holiday, family picnic, and also for a team outing!
  • We have captivating ambiance, modern amenities, well-decorated rooms, delectable foods, and all-inclusive travel packages!
  • All our rooms and forest cottages at MC Resorts are online bookable!

Seeking Holiday Adventure, Thrill And Comfort, Get It Through Resorts In Bandipur

Being amidst nature can be a thrill that lots of travelers seek nowadays. Visits to national parks and reserve forests have increased in recent times. One among such destinations is that of National Park in the state of Karnataka. When tourists visit this place, they would like to stay for a couple of days during their trips or weekend getaways. For this purpose, the Bandipur resorts bear huge significance. Apart from being accommodations for the tourists, theseresorts are considered to be a haven within the beauty of nature. Visit the beautiful forest reserve and bask in the natural sceneries.

Visitors are particularly exulted when they stay in the in Bandipur Forest Guest house. It is about enjoying nature from up close. Through the large windows and balconies of the cottages and log huts, the jungle view is quite enchanting. You can be sure to spot some deer, birds and even foxes close to the living area. Within the premises of the Bandipurresorts, there are plenty of trees, with separate outdoor dining areas or with majestic views of the surroundings. So, spending some time in these places can be refreshing and adventurous at the same time.

How MC resorts helps tourists in Bandipur national park trip for wildlife safari Varied ways to have an enjoyable day and evening at Bandipur Resorts

At mcresorts, we have ensured that your trip to Bandipur is memorable. This is done through exquisite living spaces and dining areas. We also arrange safaris into the forest along with various other adventure activities. There is cycling, trekking, camping apart from the jungle safari. The best part is that the tourists can view a lot of animals and birds in their natural habitat, while enjoy the rest of the time rejuvenating in the forested enclosures of the resorts.

Varied ways to have an enjoyable day and evening

Almost every aspect of MC resorts is worth noticing starting from the manner in which the rooms are designed with the views possible from the bar to engage you in a spirited party. In the day time as well as during the evenings, the areas are worth looking at, especially with the squeaks and coos of birds and animals, which brings out the thrill in staying at these locations in Bandipur.


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About Us

MC Resort was established in 1999, spread over 5 acres of land with lush green background behind the resort, the Luxury Resort consists of 20 Deluxe Rooms and 3 Executive Suite Rooms, accompanied with efficient employees. MC Resort can be traced adjacent to Bandipur forest boundary. The in-built restaurant serves following dishes– South Indian, North Indian, Chinese and Continental